10 Pranks You Have To Try While High

Image Credit: Amazonaws

Image Credit: Amazonaws



1.  Open every drawer, cabinet and door in the kitchen. Leave the room and play it cool. When your friend enters the kitchen, he will freak the fuck out. Gets ‘em every time.

open doors


2.  Hang serious photos of yourself all over your friend’s house. When he gets home, he will geek out, and you will die laughing.



3.  If you have a preoccupied friend, pack the bowl with tiny pieces of grass and pass it to him. Watch him try to take a hit, then point and laugh.



4.  Schedule a mock intervention. Invite you friend over for a weed smoking session. Tell your other friends to come over about an hour later, after you all are good and high. Have everyone sit down, act serious, and begin the intervention as they do in the TV series. Watch your friend battle the age old question: “Is this real life?”



5.  Draw faces on all your friend’s eggs. For munchies, suggest you make a breakfast-style meal. When your friend opens the carton of eggs, he will stare dumbfounded, like “What the fuck?”


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