13 Things That Are Better When You’re High


Image Credit: The Daily Beast, as one can tell she knows how to smoke weed

Here is our list of everyday things that we think are great after smoking weed, some obvious some less than that.


1.  Target Shopping

weedSo much stuff! Without the weird Walmart vibe.


2.  Music

weedFor real, all music is fan-fucking-tastic when you’re high as shit. Just close your eyes and feel it, man.


3.  Museums

weedBecause the world is a crazy place! Why not learn about it?


4.  Showering

weedAh, just thinking about high showering puts a smile on my face.


5.  Sex

weedNo explanation needed.


6.  Art

weedWhether you’re drawing, painting or sculpting, you can’t lie getting creative after blazing up is fun as fuck!


7.  Yard sales or flea markets

weedYou’ll find shit you didn’t even know existed, and that’s the beauty of it! Prepare to have your mind blown.

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