13 Times When You Needed A Smoke Buddy


Image Credit: The Nug, Hey some of that weed smoke is escaping, let me in to catch the rest.

Have you ever wondered why the best stoner movies involve two stoners?  The answer is simple – two stoners are better than one.

The best “high” moments are often shared when you have a buddy on hand. Although having the perfect smoking buddy seems hard to find, it is well worth it.



1.  Road trips like these


Smoking that quarter-pounder of weed will do that to you!


2.  Could possibly turn into adventures like these


Good Cheetah, haha, the cheetah’s going to need Cheetos’s now.


3.  They will boost your self-esteem


Whyyy thannk yooou!


4.  They will possibly buy you some food


Those munchies are nothing to joke around about.


5.  They will never judge you


Yeaaah, that’s at serious case of TMI!!


6.  Or leave your side


I want Kumar’s t shirt.


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