420 Singles Review

420 Singles

Obviously, pairing someone who loves weed with someone who does not is never a good idea, but unless you see a hot chick at the bar with Bob Marley shirt on and a joint hanging out of her mouth, trying to figure out who is on your side as far as weed is concerned can be a little difficult.. and sometimes awkward.

Because StonedGirls.com is such a big hit — we are growing exponentially, and are constantly hiring for new positions —  I tried to talk my boss into creating an Online Dating Coordinator position, a job which would entail managing my multiple online dating profiles.  All for the sake of research, of course.  I mean, there are so many dating sites for stoners looking for love nowadays, and I just had to join every single one.

420 Singles

The first site I checked out was 420singles.net.  They boast that their site serves more than 37,000 REAL people worldwide.  Real people?  As opposed to.. ghosts?  Whatever.  Anyway, they launched in 2011 and have been paving the way for online stoner dating ever since.  The site welcomes people of all ages, races and backgrounds.  And, like I said earlier, it is a worldwide site, meaning you can communicate with people all over the world.  That’s neat because it enriches your weed experience and allows you to gain knowledge into cannabis cultures all over the world.  But, if you are looking for a smoking buddy for later tonight, it’s not that neat, sorry. Though, there are no strings attached for 420 Singles, as the site is completely free of charge.

My Experience

I was more than happy to oblige my boss and join the site.  I filled out my profile as accurately as possible  and picked a very realistic picture so as not to catfish anyone, whether they be in Belgium or not.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot of luck.  I got a message almost immediately from a nice man in Colorado inquiring about my job.  We chit chatted for a little bit, and he invited me to dinner if I ever find myself in Colorado.  Perfect gentleman, really. And, I also got a few friend requests from people outside the U.S., as well as a few flirtatious messages.

Overall, it seemed like more of an online support and conversational group than it did a dating site.  I have to say, though, that it was nice being on a dating site that didn’t revolve around when and where I was going to meet a stranger and exchange bodily fluids.  These stoners are doing it right as far as respect and consideration is concerned.

What Do Other People Say?

Honestly, a lot of people aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea of online stoner dating, but they also admit they really don’t need it.  An overwhelming amount of people seem to agree that going to music festivals and hookah bars is how they meet potential mates, and since those are environments are rich with stoner activity, bringing up the subject is not only allowed, but it is expected and gives the stoners a chance to meet whoever they want.

That’s not to say that 420 Singles, as well as other similar sites, are useless.  It is just easier for stoners meet someone in person, as opposed to online. However, if you are looking for a support community to talk to smoking habits and preferences, sites like 420 Singles are perfect.  Some stoners just don’t have a good support system, while some stoners prefer the anonymity of the Internet.  Whatever the case may be, 420 Singles is a good resource for  stoners looking to meet fellow stoners from all over the world.  And, we all know the best relationships start out as friendships.



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