6 Habits Of Highly Effective Pot Growers

Image Credit:  Big Buds Mag

Image Credit: Big Buds Mag

If you want to be one of the marijuana growers that are extremely effective and seem to do everything right, there are a few specific habits that you need to develop. In this article, we’ll discuss six that can improve your marijuana growing skills.

1. So fresh, and so clean

Staying on top of your grow room’s cleanliness is one of the best things anyone can do to ensure that their marijuana plants stay happy and healthy. Whether it is removing dead leaves that have fallen onto the soil, or taking care of other types of debris, you definitely should not procrastinate on this one.  Do this on a daily basis.

The same goes for water. Don’t let it collect in your grow room. Somehow it always seems to get stuck in pools on the floor, and this and other messes are sure invitations for pests, mold, and other potential problems for your marijuana plants. Things can’t be too clean in your grow room. Even the walls and ceiling should be checked daily!

Another thing you can do to keep your grow room clean is changing your clothes before entering the room, every time. This may feel like a hassle, but it is well worth it. Keep an outfit or two next to the door so you can remember to do it consistently. This will help avoid bringing in any external pests or fungi into your room. They could devastate your crop.

2. Keep it secret, keep it safe

No matter how excited you are about your new grow setup, do not blab about it to anyone. Make it your golden rule to stay silent about it at all times. Most of the time, when a person is caught growing marijuana, it is usually because of a snitch. Even if that friend you told is not the one who ratted you out, they may have told someone else who decided to talk.

People who grow openly (that is, don’t keep it an absolute secret) are the ones who end up targeted by authorities or even thieves. Don’t be one of those people. This includes when you host parties or invite people over. If you can’t avoid it altogether, just be extra cautious about who goes into your grow room, and who knows where you are getting your weed.

The same goes for when you buy equipment. If you need advice, the “tomato plant” cover is always a good go-to. Don’t do anything too suspicious, like blocking out all the windows, or acting shifty with the neighbors. Keep it cool, and get along with people so they don’t have reason to suspect you of anything.

3. Be realistic

While it is normal (and healthy) to be ambitious when thinking about how your grow season is going to go, don’t let failure, or even slightly disappointing results, get you down and discourage you from continuing to try again. You should especially not get overly excited about what weight you think your plants will end up, as it will never be accurate anyway. Avoid hopeful guessing games.

This especially applies if it is your first time growing marijuana. It never goes perfectly the first time — or any time, for that matter. Any veteran grower will tell you the same thing about their own first growing season. Extra expenses, unforeseen obstacles, and disappointing growth are all possibilities, so be realistic and don’t devastate yourself.

4. Keep an eye on your plants

This may sound obvious, but it is surprisingly easy to forget when you get into the groove of things. Always, always, always keep a close eye on your plants. They could be “telling” you things that you aren’t even noticing. Being proactive about this stuff, as well as responding quickly to any changes you have seen, will be the key to getting through those inevitable obstacles that will come your way.

After all, your only goal is to create a happy and healthy environment for your plants to do their thing. Would you take care of another person, or an animal, without gauging their reactions? Plants are no different, although it’s easy to forget sometimes.

5. Don’t stop innovating

One way that veteran growers are successful and stay successful is by always asking questions and staying curious about different methods of growth. Just because it worked when you did things one way, doesn’t mean that this is the only way or even the best way to do it. It’s easy to get stubborn about your way being the best, especially if you have gained a few successful harvests from that method. The only way to continue that success is to continue to innovate, and better understand the process of growing marijuana plants.

Of course, risky experiments often come with the territory of innovation, so you need to be willing to risk a plant or two. Remember that you could always end up with huge success so it will be worth it in the end! Keep careful notes so you don’t risk more than you have to. Be sure to do trial runs with just a few plants, rather than your entire crop.

6. Practice your patience

As with any type of gardening, patience is key. You should go into this operation knowing that you are going to have to be patient time and time again. Rest assured that it will pay off in the end. Try not to let finances, fear, or social obligations get in the way. Worse yet, don’t let your own greed for smokeable pot get in the way of choosing the correct time to harvest. Plants require time and careful, consistent care, and that requires patience on the grower’s part.

by Robert Bergman, founder of ilovegrowingmarijuana.com. Robert has been growing cannabis passionately for over 20 years and shares these insights how to grow weed to help educate growers to avoid mistakes and to fully capitalize on a bud’s potential and naturally supports the liberalization of the plant.

Description: Great growing habits, lead to great marijuana harvests. Learn what those habits are, and they may help you grow more of the weed you need.