Update: Here’s Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana On Tuesday

Image Credit:  Business Insider

Image Credit: Business Insider

This election is going to be a crazy one for a lot of reasons, but one thing we can all look forward to is impeding legalization.  This year, at least nine states are voting on legalizing either recreational or medical marijuana.  First up, here  are the states voting on medical marijuana legalization:

Arkansas – Passed!

This November, Arkansas could become the first official southern state to allow a decent MMJ program.  The first cannabis issue that voters will consider would grant Arkansas roughly 38 dispensaries statewide.  The Arkansas Department of Health would oversee their MMJ program, and it would be funded by MMJ taxes.  This proposal allows for patients with a doctor’s recommendation and license from the Arkansas Department of Health to purchase marijuana from a dispensary, and if you happen to live in Arkansas, but more than 20 miles away from one of these 38 dispensaries, you can apply for “hardship cultivation” which allows you up to ten personal plants.  In this proposal, the dispensaries would have to be considered “nonprofit”.

The second measure that could potentially be voted on would allow for up to eight grow facilities and 40 for-profit dispensaries statewide, however personal growing would not be allowed.

Florida – Passed!

Floridians will be voting on Amendment 2 this year, which would grant MMJ access to patients with medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and Crohn’s Disease.  Patients would require a medical recommendation as well as an ID card issued by the Florida Department of Health.  Florida voted on medical legalization two years ago, and fell 2.4% shy of the required 60% approval to pass.

Montana – Passed!

Montana voters approved a state MMJ program back in 2004, but it has been held up in a court battle.  In February of this year, the Montana Supreme Court upheld the current state laws, which limit MMJ providers to three patients a piece (what??), which coincidentally goes into affect today.  Initiative 182, which is what voters will consider in November, would repeal this patient limit, as well as other stipulations like unexpected inspections and physician reviews.  Chronic pain and PTSD would also now be conditions covered under their MMJ program.

North Dakota – Passed!

For North Dakota residents, the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act being voted on in November would allow for possession of up to three ounces of marijuana for patients with conditions such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma.  Also, much like Arkansas, if a patient lives more than 40 miles from a dispensary, they are allowed up to eight personal plants.

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