Almost Half Of Americans Have Tried Weed


The facts are shocking about the US’ used of weed.

Weed in America

According to a new Gallup Poll, 44% of Americans have tried cannabis at some point. That’s the highest percentage in the history of the poll, which started in 1969 at 4%. About 11% say they currently use cannabis, or about 1 in 10.

Truth is an amazing thing.  In 1969 every kid was lectured and lied to about marijuana in an effort to scare them away from trying it. I was told the same things growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. Marijuana kills brain cells. Marijuana causes cancer. Marijuana leads to harder drugs. All lies, repeated over the decades.

But something has changed, and that something is the Internet. Instant communication and sharing of information worldwide has torn down the wall of lies. When someone heard a lie before the Internet, they had to except it. Rather now they just get on Google and find all the information they need to dispute the lie.  Furthermore, Read about it here!

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