Why You Should Be Stoned This April Fool’s Day

Image Credit:  Cloudz Vapour

Image Credit: Cloudz Vapour

The nearly universal unofficial holiday April Fool’s is approaching and we over at Stoned Girls wonder, as with anything in life really, if there are any advantages of spending April First with our favorite lady Mary Jane.

The origin of the holiday (also called All Fools Day) is cited back to Geoffrey Chaucer (who we assume had a pinch or two in his wooden pipe) in the hugely influential work, The Canterbury Tales in the late 1300’s.  Many cultures celebrate the holiday differently, Central Europe having April Fish where people attempt to attach paper fish to each other’s back; tell me that pot was not involved in that brainstorming session.  Today, the pranks are taken to the next level with the advent of YouTube and social media where there are actual users who dedicate channels to pranking, which must be a lonely season for them.

We weighed the pro’s and con’s of toking anytime during this trollish season.


Being high can make other people’s practical jokes funnier ten fold.


Being in that mellow state could help you think up of some creative pranks yourself, or even put your mind clear for being the butt of the joke.



If you did get pranked, a little weed can help you de-stress from the situation.



If you’re afraid of being pranked, it makes sitting at home by yourself all day much more fun.




Being high may do the opposite of mellow you out and the paranoia could be too much on a day like that.



Having friends who don’t smoke around are usually the ones who play the cruelest pranks and being a proud stoner could mean you could fall victim to a bud related prank yourself.



At the heart of the holiday it’s all meant to encourage happiness and brevity just like weed itself.  Yet just like weed, it should always be taken lightly.  So we say know who you are and what your sense of humor can take before you take the first bong rip on April 1st!

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