Aptly Named Genius Pipe Is Sheer Genius

genius pipe

The good people at Genius Pipe sent us one of their amazing pipes the other day and it was pretty much better than Christmas morning.

According to their website, “Genius is the next generation smoking pipe which utilizes patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors.”  Whoa, sounds pretty intense, right?

Actually, the Genius Pipe isn’t scary, giant, or radioactive at all.  In fact, it’s incredibly sleek and discreet, and it is the best hitting pipe we have ever had the pleasure of putting our mouths on.

The genius behind the Genius Pipe is the golf ball-style dimple technology that cools the smoke and eliminates the lung and throat burning those of us who smoke a ton of weed have grown accustomed to.  These dimples “allow the smoker to breathe in smoke naturally, completely cough-free, fully filling lungs with cooled smoke.”  The dimples also capture tar, so the smoke inhaled is cleaner.  This means the pipe is incredibly easy to clean as well.

Just like the smoke, the pipe will never get hot.  That means you can take a hit, slide its cover back on, and slip it right back in your pocket without worry.

The other really nice part about the cover is that, unlike other pipes, you can pack it and take it on the go without having to bring your sack with you.  The cover will keep all your green safely in place until you’re ready to use it.

In fact, this pipe hits so well that the makers of Genius Pipe caution the experienced smokers not to pull too hard, as they could take in the biggest hit of their life, which will inevitably lead to coughing.  You can literally just inhale like you’re taking a natural breath and get a solid hit off this pipe.

The makers of Genius Pipe say that it is “the result of over 20 years of intensive research by our founders in the field of Fluid Dynamics.”  Just by picking up the Genius Pipe, it is clear that it is a very well manufactured product.

Genius Pipe offers a variety of colors, and while they are on the expensive side (retailing between $119.99 and $149.99), we promise you the quality of product you are receiving is absolutely worth the bit of extra cash.

We strongly suggest you order your Genius Pipe today, and while you are waiting by the window for the postman to bring it to you, here’s a video on exactly what to do when you get it (which includes admiration, light fondling, and relaxing flute music).

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