Arizona Rules That Weed Smell Will Get You Searched

Image Credit:  The Consumerist

Image Credit: The Consumerist

While recreational marijuana is only legal in a small part of this country, half of America has legalized medical marijuana.  And, while some states are stricter than others regarding the approved MMJ ailments (looking at you, Illinois), it is still legal for patients to possess and consume marijuana.  Arizona is one of these states, and that’s why a new law regarding the odor of marijuana is so strange.

On Monday, the Arizona State Supreme Court ruled that the smell of marijuana is enough to warrant a search of a person’s home or car.  Again, this is weird because medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2011.

A unanimous three judge panel in the Phoenix division of the state Court of Appeals decided that just because medical marijuana is legal in the Grand Canyon state doesn’t mean that evidence of it, such as smell, can’t be used to justify a search of someone’s personal property.

Arizona, we’re super proud of you for being one of the 25 states that embrace legal MMJ, but we think you need to reevaluate this and get back to us.

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