Ask A Stoned Girl: A Brand New Sex Toy For Men


Smoke a bit of weed and let us tell you about fifi.

Stoned Girls,

My boyfriend and I have a great sex life.  One thing we really like to do, especially when we’re stoned, is incorporate toys.  It’s our way of having fun during sex.  These aren’t just toys for me, they’re toys for him too.  We’ve tried a couple different brands for him, but nothing seems to really get the job done, if you know what I mean.  Plus, I hate having to clean them when we’re finished.  I love him, but he’s ruining my sheets, if you know what I mean.  Can you recommend anything specifically for him that we can use?


Amy, we are very happy you wrote us!  We want to start off by saying that it sounds like you and your boyfriend have a really great relationship.  We wish we got more letters like this!

Second, we do know of something that we think you and your boyfriend will really enjoy.  There is a brand new product on the market for men that we absolutely LOVE called the fifi.

The fifi is a versatile toy aimed directly at maximizing a man’s pleasure, while also being as convenient and discreet as possible, not to mention the super easy cleanup.  And, at only $15.95, the fifi is very inexpensive!

How fifi Works

The fifi is adjustable and can be rolled tightly or loosely, allowing you to be in control of the tightness.  That sounds like a fun game right there in and of itself!  You can even squeeze the fifi to increase tightness and pressure.

As far as cleanup is concerned, we feel you girl.  Whether you’re using toys or not, cleanup is a bitch.  One of the best parts about the fifi is that there is virtually no cleanup.  All you have to do is remove the disposable sleeve and throw it away.  That’s.  It.  Gone are the arguments about toys being left in the sink and weird smells coming from within!

Finally, the fifi is discreet.  Like really discreet.  You could probably leave it out on your kitchen table and no one would know the difference.  Since you guys sound like a pretty adventurous couple, you could easily pack up the fifi and take it with you with no questions asked.

Also, the only thing you need to accompany you and your fifi is a little bit of lubricant.  Our recommendation, as always, is Foria.

Amy, we hope this helps.  You can click here or go to to buy your fifi.  Please let us know how it works out for you and your boyfriend!

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