Ask A Stoned Girl: Stoned Sex 101

AASG Stoned Sex 101

We get a lot of emails here asking for our advice about a lot of things, but nothing more than stoned sex.  Lucky for you guys, we happen to be experts here on that very subject.  Our most recent email comes from a young man named Matt.

Matt sent us this:

Dear Stoned Girls:

I love reading your articles.

My girlfriend and I have never smoked before, but want to try mj for sexual enhancement.  We both have some anxiety issues, so don’t want anything that could make us paranoid and freak us out.  What do you recommend for complete novices like us?

Thanks for your help.


Our response:


Thank you for reading!  It makes us so happy to hear that you enjoy our articles! We can empathize with your fears about becoming paranoid, especially since you have never smoked before.

Our biggest piece of advice would be to not over-do it.  Take one or two hits and start in on things romantically.  See how you guys are both doing after 20 minutes or so, and take a few more hits if you aren’t quite feeling it yet.

Edibles can be really great for both sexual enhancement and anxiety relief.  They take longer to kick in, and do so on a more gradual level, so you are able to adjust your mindset if need be.  Also, edibles are more of a body high, so it will make you more sensitive, and usually more in the mood.  However, since you’ve never tried marijuana before, we will caution you to be very careful – it’s easy to go overboard with edibles.  Eat just a little bit, and again, see how you feel.

And, if you have the choice, pick a sativa for the energy!

We hope this helps!

And, if any of you have any questions you would like answered by a Stoned Girl, shoot us an email at and we will make sure to set you straight!