Best Portable Vaporizer?: Atmos Orbit Review

Best Portable Vaporizer

Best Portable Vaporizor?: Atmos Orbit

Full Review:  I have used a number of Atmos products and the Orbit is by far the best for dry herbs.  This is basically a large version of the Atmos Raw with slightly different construction.  The box is just like every other Atmos product but comes without all the accessories.  Inside is the portable vaporizer, a brush, and a charger which is really all you need.  After opening it, I began to charge the device which was much quicker than expected.  I have not come to expect much from Atmos but was pleasantly surprised by the Orbit.

One major improvement from the other pens is the simple construction.   The mouthpiece comes off and the top unscrews to reveal the herb chamber.  Loading and unloading is very simple thanks to the light on the inside of the bowl.  You are able to see any plant matter left behind and easily clean it out with the brush once you’re done.  After we packed the chamber you hold the button for a few seconds and the device begins to heat up.  Drawing on the vaporizer is somewhat difficult and takes some getting used to.  However most vapes suffer from this so it’s not so much of a negative point as an observation

The not so hot

Vapor production varied from person to person but didn’t impress me.  Unlike the Puffit, we could clearly taste the herbs and knew that the product was working properly vapor or not.  While loading the second bowl it became clear that the device was heating up and wouldn’t able to sustain continued use for long periods.  I personally wouldn’t mind carrying the Atmos Orbit in my pocket but someone smaller may have issues with its weight and heat.  As a large pen style vaporizer, it is definitely possible to use in public without undue attention.

In the end this vaporizer wasn’t for me.  Don’t let this deter you though if this is the kind of portable vape you’re looking for.  At a $169 price point, it’s perfect for anyone wanting a dry herb, pen style vape.  It doesn’t do concentrate though so if that’s more your thing then check out one of Atmos’ other pen type vaporizers.

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