Atmos R2 Wax Pen Review

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VAPE TEST! Atmos R2 Wax Pen

Full Review:  Like the R2’s charging cord I’m going to keep this review short.  The Atmos R2 bills itself as a mid range concentrate and dry herb pen style portable vaporizer.  The pen itself is larger than your average concentrate pens but smaller than the Atmos Orbit.  Inside the box is the portable vaporizer, a 6in cord (really), and a dabber.

This is a bottom coil vape which means it only burns dry herbs on one side leading to burnt herbs and no vapor.  It works well enough for concentrates but after one session the chamber became incredibly dirty with no real way to clean it.  Coil type vapes should not be cleaned due to the sensitive nature of the element.  One wrong move and the device is broken and you’re out whatever money was spent.

In conclusion, if you have the money to throw around on a decent portable concentrate vape that you don’t ever want to clean then the R2 might be for you.  The chamber size means you could load an insane amount of wax without having to reload but it won’t ever be suitable for dry herbs after that (not like it was in the beginning…)