Atmos Rx Review

Best Dab Pen? Atmos RX

Full Review:  The Atmos Rx is your standard pen style, concentrate portable vaporizer.  As such I won’t be spending a lot of time on it.  If you have ever used an atmos product then you’re probably pretty familiar with their packaging and function.  Inside the box is the pen vape, a charger (with no cord just a brick and usb stick), cleaning brush, and a dabber.

The vaporizer itself assembles from 3 pieces and then you’re ready to go.Your top piece contains the chamber and upon examination is doesn’t seem like anything special.  While it is deep enough to accommodate a large amount of concentrate, it’s a double edge sword.

The Not so Hot

When I tried to load the device, it was incredibly difficult to place the concentrate directly on the heating element.  Most of it tends to stick to the sides and just slowly melt.  After one session the majority of my wax became a sticky sludge that just grabbed onto whatever I was trying to reload.  I attempted to clean the chamber but the brush became all sticky and also became a hassle to store.

Speaking of storing sticky pieces, the top piece has a spring that descends into the chamber that also became coated in sticky wax.  So while the device is designed to come apart into 3 pieces, 2 of those are so sticky that they can’t be stored without being kept together.  Now, even though cleaning and loading is a major hassle I must clarify something.  The Atmos Rx is the nicest, smoothest pen style vape I have used so far.  It lets in just enough air to not strain your lungs but not so much that the smoke is diluted.

Overall I can’t recommend the Atmos Rx enough if you’ve got the money to spend.  At $190 it is almost on the same level as the Ascent but doesn’t have nearly the capabilities.  Most pen style vaporizers come in around $100 so the Rx is only for thos who want a concealable wax style vaporizer with the best performance.  If you don’t have the money then there are plenty of other options that perform almost as well.

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