Best Portable Vaporizer? Atmos Transporter Review

Atmos Transporter

Best Portable Vaporizer, Atmos Transporter? Its a Bit Different

Full Review:  I know what you’re thinking; another Atmos vaporizer?  That’s the same thought I had when I saw this in my local store.  However, after a couple minutes looking at it I decided to give Atmos one more attempt to impress me, and boy did they.  Let me start by saying that by this point I was not expecting much from an Atmos product.  Especially after trying out the Orbit and R2 which are almost identical in price.  The first thing I noticed once I started inspecting the device was that Atmos seems to be using the same internals for all their vaporizers.  Naturally this led me to believe that the Transporter would be no different than the rest of their product line.

Whats inside

When you open the box the first thing that strikes you is the flask like design.  Even the cap resembles that of a flask and you can either inhale through the cap or take it off to reveal a rubber mouthpiece.  Under the portable vaporizer are the accessories standard from Atmos:  a charger, cleaning brush, and packing tool.  The bottom of the vape swings to the side revealing a relatively large bowl.  For once I actually used the packing tool due to the bowl being completely flush with the device.  Trying to load dry herbs into the small opening was very frustrating and went everywhere.

After the bowl was loaded, I closed the swing door and began to heat up the vape.  While the heating process isn’t intuitive or revolutionary it gets the job done.  The Atmos Transporter reached usable temp in under a minute and thus began my journey.  After using several other Atmos products the amount of vapor produced absolutely surprised me.  Long, steady inhales produced decent clouds of smoke that dissipated quickly and left little smell.  I have not had vapor production like this from a dry herb vaporizer since the Pax.

I did not use the device enough for it to get clogged but checking the air pathway revealed a larger air tube than the Pax.  The path does not pass through the entire device though so cleaning could be an issue down the road.  While the entire body is encased in what I believe is aluminum, the bottom door is made out of plastic which I consider the biggest flaw of this unit.  If you dropped it the wrong way I think it could easily break and render the device useless.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for a portable dry herb vaporizer but don’t want to spend the money on high end vape like the Pax or Firefly; then I would absolutely recommend the transporter.  This is by far the best product produced by Atmos and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Plus unlike the Puffit which makes you look like a high school asthmatic, the Atmos Transporter allows you to fit in as a much more accepted alcoholic.

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