Atmos i4 Review

atmos i4

Full Review:

Another Atmos vape pen product on the chopping block today, this one in the form of the i4.  Unlike most other vaporizers this one is for oil only.  The cartridges themselves resemble those used by disposable e-cigs and function almost the same way.  In the box you’ll find the standard Atmos power brick and about 5 cartridges.  Nothing too fancy which is just how Atmos does it.

The i4 is about as tall as a pack of cigarettes but much thinner.  It will fit inside your hand or pocket with no trouble and is a pleasure to carry around.  A small lever on the side raises and lowers the cartridge into the device for easy storing.  While I like that the cartridge is out of the way, I feel that over time the mechanism may become week and it was somewhat prone to jamming.  To me it’s just an extra bit of electronics that is pretty unnecessary.

The cartridges are filled via tiny little holes in the top which can be difficult without a syringe with a fine tip.  I had to purchase one before I could use it but after some searching it worked out fine.  The plastic body is also pretty cheap but it didn’t break during my travels.  Ultimately, the real pleasure is using the Atmos i4.  It hits consistently, strong and is amazing to smoke.  I have used several oil vaporizers in the form of pre filled pens and while they are much cheaper than the i4, they can’t compare in quality.

In Conclusion

This is the second Atmos product that I have truly enjoyed and would definitely recommend it for those who like to smoke oils instead of waxes or dry herbs.  The price tag on the i4 is somewhat high ($149) compared to disposables or ecigs but it is worth the investment.  I only use the i4 now when I travel since I can fill all 5 of the cartridges and carry them with me wherever I go.  No other product offers that same level of portability in one small package.

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