What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

Image Credit:  Fourth of July Images

Image Credit: Fourth of July Images

Here is a list of the 5 best things to eat when you’re high, depending on where you live (or if you’re traveling!) this Fourth of July.

The Northeast

1.  Lobster Roll

lobster rollThe only real reason a stoner would go to Maine anyway (other than the nature, of course).


2.  Boston Cream Pie

boston cream pie]

First you need salty, then sweet.


3.  Fluffernutter 


Ok, so you can get this delicious munchies anywhere, but it was originated in the Northeast so it tastes a little bit better there.


4.  Coffee milk


The state drink of none other than Rhode Island. Admit it, though.  You’ll need the pick-me-up.


5.  Anything with maple syrup

maplesyrupLiterally, anything.


The Midwest

1.  Italian Beef

italian beef

Any kind of beef, really.


2.  Deep dish pizza 


Try Lou Malnati’s if you’re in Chicago. Or, just go to Chicago for it.  It’s worth it.


3.  Bratwurst 


Midwesterners really like meat…


4.  Chili 

cincy chili

Particularly of the Cincinnati variety.


5.  Cheese curds 

cheese curdsBecause they go great with all the meat you just ate.


The South

1.  Chicken and waffles 

chicken and waffles

For when you can’t decide what meal you want.


2.  BBQ 


Don’t you DARE forget the slaw.


3.  Hushpuppies


Don’t you DARE forget the honey butter.


4.  Grits 


They feel neat in your mouth.


5.  Mac n cheese 

mac n cheeseIf you think you can good mac n cheese anywhere, you’re wrong. The south does it best.


The West

1.  Anything with avocado


You know, because they’re healthy.


2.  Sopaipllas 


They’re fun to pronounce, too.


3.  Reindeer 


Don’t snub it. Santa’s helpers are delicious.


4.  Any and all potato products 


Let’s not forget Idaho is part of the West…


5.  Shaved Ice 

shaved iceAnd any other delicious things you can get your hands on in Hawaii.

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