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Anyone who has used the Volcano will be familiar with Storz and Bickels superb attention to detail and quality.  This holds true for their new line of portable vaporizers including the Crafty.  Their trademark packaging holds the normal goodies:  grinder, cleaning brush, O-rings, and a charger.  One of the new innovations from S&B is a carrying/filling container that is made out of the same material as their grinder.  It holds a decent amount of herb and screws over the top of the filling chamber so that it can be filled on the go.  While this is a great addition and awesome idea it needs a little more thought.  The container is the same size and shape of their grinder which makes carrying it somewhat difficult.

How It Works

Loading the herb chamber is very simple even without the container attached.  It holds a good amount of product and can be packed tight even without the use of the included tamping tool.  One downside to the bowl design is that product can fall in between the edges and get stuck.  The cover over the chamber holds the mouthpiece and screen and clicks in place easily enough.  Speaking of which, the mouthpiece swivels in and out for easy storage and while it may look like a sippy cup when it’s in place it is fairly comfortable.

Operation of the vaporizer is actually very simple; push the power button and when it’s green you’re ready.  Now this wouldn’t be a Storz & Bickel product if it didn’t come with some fancy features.  All of which is accessed through their smartphone app.  That’s right, you can’t change anything without the use of their phone app.  I won’t get too much into the app since it isn’t necessary for the normal use and if you want you can download it and go through all the fun yourself.  Even at the normal settings, without the app, the Crafty vaporizer is a pleasure to smoke.  Smooth and a great hit I enjoyed my time smoking and didn’t want to put it down


Now while the Crafty may be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market in terms of smoking pleasure there are some downsides.  The entire device is plastic which at a $400 price tag seems a bit ridiculous.  It feels cheap and I’m afraid if I drop it some critical piece may break.  As with all of Storz and Bickels products, there are a thousand pieces and o-rings which need to be cleaned and could wear out.  They even include a package of extra parts and a handy price guide for the rest so you can order replacements.

In Conclusion

As I end this article I feel there is one other major flaw which I must mention.  I really liked smoking the Crafty portable vaporizer but their auto shutoff timer is way too aggressive.  It shuts down in about a minute whether you are using it or not.  This can be averted by pushing the power button once every so often but too me that seems ridiculous.  I have reviewed several other vaporizers that smoke almost as well as the Crafty but cost over $100 less.  So if you like the Volcano and want to stick with Storz & Bickel then it is a great choice.  But if you don’t want to spend $400 and still want a great convection vaporizer then take a look at the Firefly.

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