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Arizer Extreme Q 2

Best Vaporizer Review:

We guess you can compare the coveted Volcano Vaporizer to the first cell phone; innovative to the market, big, a lot of buttons and the lights. Well like the cell phone over time things change and hopefully get better. In the world of vaporizers they certainly have.

The Arizer Extreme Q is the new and updated version of the Arizer Solo vaporizer.  Also, as far as full size table top vaporizers it knocks the Solo and the holy grail Volcano out of the park.

Our new best friend Tanner over at sent us the Extreme Q to show us how much we could enjoy a table top vaprorizer and we were very impressed.

The Extreme Q is comparably smaller as far as tabletop vapes go but it packs a hell of a punch.

The Extreme Q is what you would call a combo vape.  A combo because it comes with a whip as well as a balloon. The Extreme Q also comes with a remote to control temperature and power on/off, charging adapter, and almost 7 other glass pieces to add to your vaping experience.

What we like about it

To begin we would like to thank whoever created the user manual for the Extreme Q. The Q set up and usage was a breeze. Using the remote we turned on the Extreme Q to start heating up at 395 degrees the temperatures for usage range from 122 to about 500 degrees, it got hot FAST, maybe within 2 minutes. The fan on the vape was extremely quiet even as it continued to get hotter.

We first used the whip attachment which was easy enough to connect to the vaporizer and provided a smooth pull. The whip is about 3 feet long so it’s a comfortable length where you don’t have to sit too close to the actual vaporizer or worry about losing any extra smoke. The whip is made of high grade flexible plastic and has interchangeable mouthpieces. Surprisingly, the whip did not get hot when using so there is no fear of burning if you choose that as your way to use the Extreme Q. The Extreme Q can be set to do a manual pull with the whip or even automatic where it will generate vaporizer for you depending on the setting you choose. Almost like “Vape on Demand”

If you have never used a balloon vaporizer they can seem a little intimidating but the Extreme Q made the process very easy. The handy dandy manual gave great picture instructions on how to assemble and connect the balloon for usage. I think all the Stoned Girls agree while the whip might be more convenient, the balloon is the way to go if you really want to get high using this vaporizer. Each balloon has their own mouthpiece so everything is extremely sanitary which we love and also provides for easy clean up.  

In conclusion

Although portable vaporizers are all the rage, the Extreme Q is a table top vaporizer that would definitely make you think. It’s portable if you wanted to take it on the go and sturdy enough to not breaking if knocked around a bit.

Stoned Girls is all about community smoke sessions and the Extreme Q totally keeps that in mind.  We suggest you grab some friends and enjoy.

You can buy your very own Arizer Extremem Q here!


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