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If you have never used the Volcano desktop vaporizer made by Storz & Bickle, then it’s going to be hard to explain just how great it is with words.  I received the digital version several years ago as a gift and kept it as a table piece for a long time until it disappeared but more on that later.  Unfortunately with all these other new vaporizers I’ve had to review, the Volcano had been forgotten.  So to write this review I picked one up, invited some friends over, and proceeded to throw one hell of a party.

If you’ve read my review of Storz and Bickles Crafty vaporizer then you know they put a lot of work into the quality of their products.  The Volcano being one of their first creations, it set the bar incredibly high for any and all vaporizers that came after it.  However, unlike their later creations, the Volcano is a desktop vaporizer and as such is a monster of a unit.  Coming in at over 6 lbs it’s not likely to break.  In the 5+ years I’ve had mine it has been dropped, yanked, and kicked but still functions like the day I bought it.

What the Volcano comes with

Inside the box is a set of balloons, mouthpieces, concentrate pad, bowl, and screens.  Packing the bowl is simple with a screw off top onto which the balloon connects to.  Once the Volcano is turned on, you can set the temperature at 1° intervals.  We used 375°F for our dry herbs and find that to be the most optimal temperature for vaporizing without burning.  I feel it necessary to state that once the unit heats up and air is flowing into the balloon it may appear empty.  This is not true and will invariably lead to couch lock from an “overdose”.  The Volcano will vaporize all the THC and other cannabinoids so even though the vapor looks light it is very potent.  Also beware of the second bag because once the herbs are heated, the second fill up is by far way stronger than the first.

To this day the Volcano is still the standard by which all other vaporizers, portable or desktop, are measured.  Well built, user friendly, and incredibly potent make it the best choice for anyone. This vaporizer is a full time alternative to pipes or wraps.  Unfortunately as with all products there are some downsides.  None of these in any way should deter you from purchasing the Volcano but as an unbiased review I must at least make note of them.

The biggest drawback is the price.  Coming in at just under $700 for the digital version, it is not for those without a substantial cash flow.  The Volcano is also a very bulky unit so having a place to store it is a must.  One other point I feel I must make is based on a personal experience I had so as usual your mileage may vary.

Be Warned Though

I had my Volcano for a little over 3 years when my girlfriend invited some of her friends over to stay the night.  Now this wasn’t an issue for me but at the time.  I was not at the house so I can’t say exactly what happened.  However, what I can say is that a few weeks later when I came home and decided to break it out to use myself I found that it had gone missing.  It turns out, that one of her friend’s boyfriend had stolen it.  Now this is not a negative to the Volcano but the Volcano is so good that it is a major temptation for others.  So if you do decide to pick one up, make sure you keep an eye on it.

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