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Birkin Bags: They’re Not Supposed To Smell Like Weed?

Because I live a lavish and expensive lifestyle, I know what a Birkin bag is.  That’s a lie.  I just watch way too much Keeping Up With The Kardashians and this job gives me a ridiculously inflated ego.  Anyway, the Birkin is the preferred tote of the rich and famous, and one day I will get my hands on one. The cheapest Birkin bag one can buy costs roughly as much as a new Ford Fiesta, and the most expensive costs more than the house I live in.

They are made by Hermes, who have perfected the art of supply and demand.  Hermes will distribute the bags unscheduled and in limited quantities, so you even if you do have the dollars to buy one, you are more likely to accidentally stumble across the holy grail than you are actually getting your grubby hands on one.  They had a six year waiting list to obtain a bag, which gives you plenty of time to save up the cash money.

As if your dyed baby calf skin isn’t expensive enough, you can actually get your Birkin bag diamond encrusted.  I’m no scientist, but it seems dangerous to carry around a diamond-encrusted hundred thousand dollar bag casually around your shoulder walking down the street.  Anyway, anyone who has that kind of money to spend on an arm accessory is probably pretty demanding when it comes to quality, understandably so.

What’s The Problem?

There were a lot of dissatisfied rich people this past week, all thanks to a tainted shipment of these notorious bags.  Apparently the most recent load of bags out of Paris (costing roughly $20,000 apiece) arrived at the American Hermes locations smelling of weed.  Doesn’t really seem like a problem, all of my bags smell like weed.

Bags are being returned all throughout the United States.  Hermes is quite embarrassed, and no one really knows how to deal with it.  They are attributing the skunky smell to a “batch of badly tanned leather that reacted with the heat.”  That means that the bags did not smell until the upper class had them in the direct sunlight in their cars.  The heat on the bag released the smell from the leather, and there’s no looking back.  The bags have to go all the way back to Paris and remade, as if six years wasn’t enough.

Obviously this isn’t an issue for the more expensive crocodile or ostrich skin variety of bags, so really shame on you rich people for not springing for the better bags.  That’s what you get.  Also, if you’re looking to get rid of these bags, Hermes, I happen to know a few Stoned Girls who would love to take them off your hands for you.



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