Bob Marley is the Cultural Icon for Marijuana

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is perhaps the most recognized icon in the marijuana industry.  For years before the legalization trend he has been the rallying point for stoners and hippies alike.  His likeness is plastered on everything from bongs and posters to bumper stickers.  I personally think that a lot of these cheap commercial commodities have cheapened the man and what he stood for.  While he did advocate the use of marijuana he also preached of peace, love, and equal treatment for all and marijuana was meant to be a tool for these ideas.  Bob Marley was Rastafarian and as such did not generally use marijuana for recreation but rather as a holy sacrament in his religion.  However, this does not cheapen his idea of the drug.  He believed it opened up a person spiritually and emotionally through which artistry could flow.

So even though every pot smoker can recognize his image and most will probably have some type of paraphernalia with him on it; few understand the man behind the icon.

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