Cannabox Review: Breaking Bud


For the length of our partnership with Canabox, we could always guarantee you’d like a few pieces in the box, but there has never been a box where each piece is equally as awesome or as well thought out as this month’s, and we think the theme has a little to do with it.  This month’s theme is based on the hit AMC tv series Breaking Bad punfully titled “Breaking Buds”, and Heisenberg is all over this box.



What’s in the box? Science is the theme and they cooked up some great gifts:

This cannabox features a clear colored florence flask shaped mini water pipe with the show’s logo screen printed on the front, and it is very cool.  To go with that bong, there is a mini grinder on a chain that bears the Los Pollos Hermanos logo on the grinder, and etched on a velvet bag that comes with the grinder, which is even cooler.

Keeping the chemistry theme going is a chrome metal decorative keychain that is in that shape of a THC molecule.  Yeah science bitch! Double cool.  


A silicone methylamine oil jar shaped like an oil drum filled with Walter White’s best keeps in with the box’s theme. Another show related item is a bag of blue rock candy that mirrors the Heisenberg brand of meth made famous on the show, and it even has a WW silhouette printed on the candy bag, which definitely gives it reuse value if you know what we mean. Super Cool.

More BrBa related items included are a mesh back foam hat with Vamonos Pest logo branded on the front to a A1A car wash air freshener, both are going to keep you looking good on the go.  These are the creative items in the gift box that you would not normally see.  Ultra cool.   

Rounding out the package is a Granddaddy Purple Leafly magnet which is always welcome in any Cannabox.  Our personal favorite gift, which may be the least extravagant of them all, is a Better Call Saul decal designed to look like a promotional refrigerator magnet any two bit lawyer would hand out in the mail. Mega Cool.  


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