Certain Parts Of The United Kingdom Will No Longer Bust You For Bud

Image Credit: Business Insider

Image Credit: Business Insider

There’s no doubt that the viewpoint towards cannabis is changing around the world. Over the last decade, there have been more countries, states, and cities that have taken measures to decriminalize or even legalized the use possession and cultivation of cannabis than ever before.

The latest country to announce that they will no longer be prosecuting those who possess or cultivate cannabis comes from the UK. The Durham Police Department made an official statement that they will no longer be prosecuting those who possess a small amount of cannabis, consume cannabis or cultivate small quantities for personal consumption.

While this does not fully legalize marijuana, it will save the city thousands of dollars every month, and they will be able to apply there a law enforcement resources more productively towards violent crimes that might otherwise go unsolved. The police and crime commissioner in the area are on hold says that they want to deal with individuals who consume small amounts of marijuana in a way that is fair and measured.

This doesn’t mean to go out smoke and cannabis on the town. Nor does this mean that you can freely distribute marijuana to others. What it does mean is if you are a casual cannabis consumer, the likelihood of you being prosecuted for the use of a plant have now been minimized, which is a significant step in the right direction. The goal of this new change is to save money and to reduce the number of individuals caught up within the criminal justice system.