You Can Now Go To A Bud Bed & Breakfast

b&b girl

You will feel right at home at 7 Leaf Bed and Breakfast in Seattle.

Every morning, you’ll wake up to organic home-cooked breakfast, locally butchered meats, and fresh baked breads.  Oh, and if you so desire, they will cook everything with a shit ton of weed in it.

Jeremy Cooper, owner of 7 Leaf, said “Typically we offer sativa in the morning, so people don’t get couch-locked right off the bat.”  7 Leaf has been open for only about a month now, and is one of a few bud-and-breakfasts scattered throughout the recreationally legal states.  It’s important to note that not only is 7 Leaf bud friendly, but they actively promote the use of cannabis.  Each room comes with its own personal vaporizer, as well as several smaller vape pens.

Cooper is the resident chef at 7 Leaf, and no amount of hyperbole can explain how much he can (and does!) incorporate marijuana into his food.  He will infuse his pico de gallo for pot tacos, make you weed smoothies, and even ground up weed to put next to the salt and pepper so you can sprinkle it on your eggs in the morning.

B&B food

Cooper’s main focus, however, is more on the experience than it is the cannabis.  He is health-conscious in his cooking and said, “I like people to look at it in a professional, cultured manner…I want them to sleep in a $3,000 bed that they just melt into.”

How It Serves The Community

The BB&B is also a great resource for tourists, as consumption of weed is not legal in public.  It gives many out-of-towners a safe haven to use marijuana while being completely legal, as well as in compliance with all accommodation rules.

The 7 Leaf Bed and Breakfast is just one of many new facets of the burgeoning cannabis industry, and a way of telling mainstream society that legal weed is more than a stereotypical stoner experience (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Basically, that recreational and medicinal marijuana permeates the lives of all types of people.

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