Burger King Takes Munchies One Step Higher And People Are Freaking Out

Image Credit:  Philly Voice

Image Credit: Philly Voice

Burger King is loved by many stoners around the globe for their amazing whoppers and affordable menu. This week the BK is making waves through the cannabis community for two different reasons, and we aren’t quite sure if we want to believe that they are real or not.

For starters, Burger King is released a new menu item, the Mac N Cheetos, which is essentially friend mac and cheese with a Cheeto crust.  Be still our stoned hearts!  We haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but we promise you when we do, you’ll hear all about it.

The second story coming from Burger King as of recently involves a burger with 1,050 slices of bacon. Evidently when they say to have it your way, they truly mean it.  Mr.  Sato, the Japanese reporter that has become quite popular for tackling food challenges, was the brave soul that placed the order for this burger. Burger King was happy to serve Mr.Sato per his request with a Whopper that contained 1,050 strips of bacon. The burger weighed in at almost 6 pounds.

Burger King, on behalf of stoners everywhere, we thank you!