Check Out Camp Bud And Breakfast

Image Credit: Camp Bud And Breakfast

Image Credit: Camp Bud And Breakfast

No, it’s not a new term for wake and bake, but an all new cannabis resort based out of Aspen, Colorado and it is gaining steam – or should we say smoke vapors.

The 410 acre Colorado Springs resort, founded by a New York couple, runs just like any typical bed and breakfast where you spend the night not trying to make loud sex noises followed by awkward breakfast conversation.  What sets Camp Bud and Breakfast apart is cannabis themed activities such as 420 happy hour, cannabis yoga, and a painting class similar to the drink while you paint sessions except this one is called “cannabis and canvas”.  There seems to be a correlation in these titles.

The ranch is one of four locations to spring up within the area, and shows no signs of slowing down.  One of the main reasons for the success is the situation for imbibing as a tourist in Colorado. Since there are no public consumption laws, residents can only consume on private property, which makes being a towny a problem if you want to get Rocky Mountain high.  The Bud and breakfast solves this problem providing a beautiful location for your smoke session surrounded by like minded enthusiasts.

Reservations started in early March for the July to September vacationing season. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado this summer we definitely recommend booking accommodations. Projected prices run from $140 to $400 a night so best bring your wallet.