6 Reasons Camping Is Better With Weed

Image Credit: Pillow Fights

Image Credit: Pillow Fights

Summer is almost here!  And, with summer, comes planning a badass camping trip with all of your closest friends.  Like any other trip, there are necessities that should be packed first. As we all know, some things are just too important to leave behind. Soap, bug repellent, and s’more ingredients are a couple of items that, if forgotten, would make your camping experience a rough one. Either way, preparation is the key for enjoying nature and all it has to offer. If you are a true stoner, weed is number one on your “Don’t Forget Me” list. These are 6 reasons that would make you never want to leave your stash behind.


1.  The bond between you and Mother Nature will strengthen.

mother natureNothing feels better than connecting with nature with a plant from nature.  Smoking in the great outdoors will have you singing to the birds and feeding the squirrels. Sounds crazy? Well, don’t knock it until you try it!


2.  You will experience the high adventure

adventureHave you ever wondered how Christopher Columbus felt when he discovered new land? Taking a hike through the wilderness while sparking one up will turn an ordinary camping site into an exploration. Nature will never look the same.


3.  Good-Bye paranoia!

ParanoidGetting caught smoking weed is not fun. Worrying about getting caught is even more exhausting and may even blow your high. Camping in quiet and deserted area will relieve the idea of getting busted. You will be able to spark it up as many times as you like – any time you want. It’s important to be on the watch out for the furry neighbors; they might want to join too!

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