Canadians Are Being Banned From The U.S. For Smoking Pot

Image Credit:  The Smoking Bud

Image Credit: The Smoking Bud

Canada has been known for having some very strict rules and regulations when it comes to letting Americans, and just immigrants in general, across the border into their maple syrup loving country. It seems they aren’t the only ones being strict about letting international tourists into their country.

Canadian Matthew Harvey tried to enter into the United States and had to answer if he had ever smoked weed. Mr. Harvey replied honestly and said that he had used marijuana prior to receiving his medical marijuana license, and for that, the U.S. banned him from entering into the United States.

“We obviously need to intensify our discussions with our border authorities in the United States, including the Department of Homeland Security,” The Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said to CBC News. He didn’t waste time to drop the hockey gloves and called it a “ludicrous situation” talking about the fact that we have a few jurisdictions that have already legalized medicinal marijuana.

We are lucky that our neighbors to the north weren’t so strict about letting the players participating in World Cup of Hockey across their borders, or maybe they didn’t think it really mattered, seeing as how they are currently dominating the tournament that is taking place in Toronto. Either way we think a lot could get solved if officials from both sides of the border just sat down for a toke and talked things out.

When did we get so scared to communicate with each other as human beings, some situations can get handled a lot easier and without tension building if we just said what we feel. We can understand the frustration that Mr. Harvey must feel but we also appreciate Homeland Security protecting our borders and country. We are all citizens of this human race before anything like nationality, economic status or race separates us, we need to start treating each other accordingly.

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