The Pot Movement: 10 Years from Now

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We’ve all seen the show Life After People, which provides a chronological outline of how the earth and its inhabitants will evolve after the extinction of humankind. It’s fun to speculate things such as this, which in no way can be proven until it actually happens… if it actually happens (and, of course, we will all be dead, so no one has any way of knowing the truth).

Now, I am sure all of our stoner friends have developed their own theories in relation to the legalization progress of medicinal and/or recreational marijuana in each state and on a national level. It is a very interesting topic to ponder about, especially when there are SO many things to keep in mind when creating such theories. Anyway, I’ve decided to let the world know where I think the United States will stand, marijuana-wise, 10 years from now (and then 20 years… 50 years… 100 years… you will just have to stay tuned for that).

Here’s what I think, and I will elaborate on each point after. By 2024:

  • 40-plus states will have legalized medicinal marijuana
  • At the most, 35 states will have legalized recreational marijuana
  • 1-5 states will have legalized growing marijuana (but not ingesting it)
  • All states will have either dropped criminal penalties or reduced charges to fines for small amounts of marijuana
  • Medicinal and recreational marijuana will still be illegal on a federal level

Okay, so I realize some of my theories may be a little different, but in 10 years, anything is possible. Currently, nearly half of the states have legalized some form of marijuana, and I believe over the next 10 years, between 15 and 20 more states will have joined the movement, especially once long-term economic benefits of marijuana legalization are published. While I do hope my theory is wrong, and that all states legalize at least medicinal marijuana by 2024, we all know deep down that this will not happen. There are still a lot of older people out there that believe cannabis is the devil’s lettuce and a gateway drug to meth and homosexuality. This is why I have theorized that 1-5 states will legalize growing marijuana but not ingesting it, and let me explain why I believe such a silly thing…

Let’s take Kentucky, The Bluegrass State, for an example. So, Mitch McConnell is going to be a Senator until the day he dies (which may not be until after 2024), not because Kentuckians love him, but because voting for a Democrat is too risky for them, in their opinion – I am sure a lot of you do not agree, and that’s okay! Anyway, there is no way this hardcore conservative geezer is going to legalize medicinal or (God forbid) recreational marijuana.

Only a few months ago, McConnell stated he thinks the whole movement is a “big mistake.” Anyway, a piece of me wants to believe that the Senator will “roll over and give up” (his terms, not mine) and legalize growing marijuana in his state. Kentucky is a HUGE farming state, and what is one of its top crops?! MARIJUANA. McConnell may not let the people in his state ingest the plant, but I believe he will let government-controlled farmers grow it. I mean who knows what the future of tobacco will be anyway.

I also stated 35 states will have legalized recreational marijuana by 2014, and again, I believe this because more studies will come out to prove the plant’s incredible benefits (not to mention, there will be more living proof of this), and hello, economically, this plant equals nothing but MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONNNEEEYY! Oh, and on that note, of course, all states will have either dropped criminal penalties or reduced charges to fines for small amounts of marijuana… because it just makes sense.

In Conclusion

Lastly, I don’t see the federal government legalizing any form of marijuana for a long, long time. Not to be a dick, but there is a lot of money to be had in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Legalizing marijuana, which can reportedly reverse chronic illnesses, could shake things up a bit. And, that is just a piece of the puzzle. Legalizing marijuana also means legalizing hemp, and again, not to be a dick, but we don’t know what type of shit the federal government has going on with other countries in regards to controlling/using their resources. Just saying!

So, there you have it! This is where I think the United States will stand, marijuana-wise, 10 years from now. Let us know what you think!



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