Afroman’s ‘Because I Got High’ gets pro-marijuana remake

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Cannabis News: Afroman’s Positive Remake

Cannabis News: Afroman’s remake

Afroman’s novelty song which once sluggishly lamented the lethargy and uselessness of weed consumption, has been given a rework to promote the legalization of marijuana. Because I Got High (Positive Remake) lists the healing qualities of weed – ranging from the treatment of glaucoma to staving urges to consume booze, cigarettes and Xanax – while also pointing out legalization benefits to society such as eradicating the likelihood of criminal activity.

The remix of the 2001 track is a collaboration with online community Weedmaps and marijuana reform campaign NORML in the runup to votes which take place on 4 November in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia to decide on the legalization of marijuana, while Florida will decide on a medical marijuana amendment.

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