Will Alaska Be The First State To Allow Public Marijuana Consumption?

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Cannabis News: Alaskan debate on public consumption

Cannabis News

Although there are currently four states in which recreational marijuana is legal, unfortunately you still cannot blaze up in public.  Alaska, however, may be the first state to change all that.  The change may come as their marijuana committee met to discuss the demand for a public place to consume cannabis.

The original initiative that passed last November banned public consumption, but did not clearly define the term “in public”. Their recent revisit to the definition of the phrase “in public” within the laws regarding legalizing cannabis will now allow for consumption of marijuana within certain pot shops once their doors open.

While Alaska does not currently have any operating medicinal or recreational dispensaries yet, it is currently slated to begin accepting licenses for dispensaries early next year, and expect to award the initial industry licenses in May.

Hopefully, this change will prompt actions for the same type of amendments in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.


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