Stoned Girls Offers Amanda Bynes $50K To Get Naked

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Cannabis News: Amanda Bynes

She is a super sexy weed smoking young starlet, and Stoned Girls wants to see her naked.  Here at Stoned Girls, we pride ourselves on featuring the hottest women on the planet who smoke weed.  Well, Amanda Bynes is incredibly hot with an amazing body.  We know that we are not the only ones who want to see her naked.  In fact, we are wondering why she hasn’t posed nude yet.  Couple that with the fact that she loves to get high, and we can barely contain our love for her.

We would like to formally offer Amanda Bynes $50,000 to come to our studio and do a shoot with us.  Also, if she doesn’t want the $50,000 in cash, we will gladly take her on a $50,000 shopping spree.  Furthermore, we recently read that Amanda’s parents will not allow her to live in either Hollywood or West Hollywood, and her allowance from them is a mere $50-$100 a day.  Clearly, that is not enough for a decent meal in Hollywood, let alone a comfortable night’s sleep.  That being said, we would love to contribute this $50,000 toward the Amanda Bynes Hollywood Living Expense Fund.

The Stoned Girls studio hosts weekly photo and video shoots, and we would be honored for Amanda Bynes to join us for a day.  Our atmosphere is comfortable, our environment is professional, and we use the best photographers on the planet.  We are a company that features smoking hot women smoking weed run by women who love weed.  We will welcome Amanda with open arms, and we know she will fit right in.

We sincerely hope Ms. Bynes accepts our offer and becomes our next stoned girl, and we can’t wait to meet her.

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