New App Finds You A Job In The Cannabis Community


Cannabis News: An New App to Find Employment in the Cannabis Industry!

Any millennial can tell you how hard the post-college employment landscape is.

In fact, many may have joked just a few years ago when they started college about a dream job in the cannabis industry, not even realizing that joke could become a reality by the time they achieved a degree.  Stoned Girls has already given you tips on how to go about getting a job in the cannabis community, but if you’re still searching, there is a convenient way to look that’s right in your pocket.

Yes, there is an app by that will help you get a job in the marijuana industry.  The site launched in May of 2014, and their apps for both Android and IPhone followed shortly.  They have 8,000 registered users already, and there are currently 1,200 job listings on, including the COO position for Marley Natural.

David Bernstein, founder of, said, “Marijuana is not that different than other industries, and it’s not just about the plant. There’s a need for people to work in accounting, finance, legal, HR, etc.”

According to Yahoo Finance, “At the end of 2014, 15,992 people were licensed to work in the marijuana industry in Colorado alone, an increase of 143% over the previous year. Colorado began issuing two-year occupational licenses for marijuana business workers in 2011.”  While the specific employment numbers are unavailable, it is obvious that both recreational and medicinal marijuana is creating an abundance of jobs in all fields.

The ArcView group, a cannabis research and investment firm, reported that the marijuana industry was the fasting growing industry in the United States, valuing it at 2.4 billion in 2014, and expects 2015 to exceed that number by 32%.

You can get the WeedHire app for iOS here, and for Android here!

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