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Cannabis News: A new app for stoners!

Cannabis News:

People smoke weed for a lot of different reasons.  Yet there is one common feeling among stoners that brings us all together – happiness.  Yes, high happiness is what unites all of us potheads all over the world.  Now, thanks to an app called, Who Is Happy stoners everywhere will know exactly who in the world is just as high and happy as they are.

Who Is Happy is “a geological social network created for cannabis consumers to share their happiness around the world”.  It’s also super easy.  According to their website, “With Who is Happy, you´re able to explore happiness in a different way, by visualizing on the map users consuming cannabis around you or any place in the world. Also If you like stats, you can get information about your own happiness habits and check the happy countries rank.”

What that means is, you can check in on your app when you are high and happy and see everyone in the world who is experiencing the same things!  Not only that, but you can check stats to see what time and days during the week you are the highest and happiest. Then you can compare that data to those around the world!  It even ranks the highest and happiest countries!

We recommend you download this app, which is available for both Android and iOS right now, and get connected both spiritually and technologically with all of your stoner family around the globe!


cannabis news

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