Bay Area Record Store Opens Dispensary To Save Business

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Cannabis News: Bay Area Record Store Turned Dispensary

Cannabis News:

The record store is dead. Long live the record store. While the death knell sounded long ago for the eventual demise of physical media, this sentiment may not necessarily be true. Though last year showed a staggering decline for both physical and digital media sales in favor of rising streaming demands, vinyl has continued to show improving sales every year in the last decade, even topping ad-supported streaming revenue.

Depending on how you look at it, the music shop’s struggle has only grown worse either despite or in favor of these numbers. It is no big surprise. Records gave way to tapes, which in turn bowed to CDs. Just when CD sales were looking good and stores began to expand, the iPod took over, pushing physical media and the locations where it is sold into obscurity. Also, that’s not to say that all record stores have folded.

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