Looking For The World’s Best Temp Job?

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Well, the good people at Grasshopper Staffing are here to help.  Grasshopper Staffing is a company out of Pueblo, Colorado, that specializes in matching eager people looking for positions with those established in the cannabis industry.

Remarkably, in states where marijuana is recreationally legal, there seems to be a shortage of “bud tenders” and people to trim the leaves from the buds, known as “trimmers.”

(North Carolina, should you ever decide to legalize the crop, you need not worry about a shortage of workers — the Stoned Girls will have your back!)

cannabis news

Here we see the bud tenders in their natural habitat.

Perhaps potential employees are deterred by the fact that Colorado requires all people employed in the cannabis industry to be licensed. Well, thanks to Grasshopper Staffing, such an obstacle is no longer a, well, obstacle. The agency will help its prospective employees obtain this license, so they are ready to work when the need for their particular skill set arises. Not to mention, they will also offer necessary payroll services to employers, so they will no longer have to operate on a dangerous cash-only basis.

For all you Colorado residents, Grasshopper Staffing officially opens for business TODAY at 10 a.m., and they are kicking things off with a hiring open house.  For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of living amongst the Rockies, don’t fret.  The four (all female!) owners and operators of Grasshopper staffing say that this is just the beginning, and that there will be many more opportunities as recreational marijuana becomes more legal and mainstream throughout the country.

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