Blumenauer Reminds Us of the Dangers of Weed

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As previously discussed in the Stoned Travel section of Stoned Girls, people in Oregon might be weird, but they are cool as fuck too. For this bit of cannabis news we applaud them on their recent recreational legalization movement, and there seems to be no shortage of people excited about it.  Take Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer for instance.

In this video, he reminds us all of the dangers that go along with smoking weed by stating statistics that most people in the know believe to be true while a shocking number of people believe differently.  Blumenauer doesn’t have to say much to make his point.

Earl Blumenauer’s Wikipedia Profile:

Earl Blumenauer (born August 16, 1948) is the U.S. Representative for Oregon’s 3rd congressional district, serving since 1996. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district includes most of Portland east of the Willamette River. He previously spent over 20 years as a public official in Portland, including serving on the Portland City Council from 1987 to 1996.

Blumenauer was born in Portland on August 16, 1948. In 1966, he graduated from Centennial High School on the eastside of Portland and then enrolled at Lewis & Clark College in the southwest part of the city.  He majored in political science and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis & Clark in 1970.  Blumenauer completed his education in 1976 when he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the school’s Northwestern School of Law (now Lewis & Clark Law School). Starting before law school in 1970 and continuing until 1977, he worked as an assistant to the president of Portland State University.

Blumenauer was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1996 in a special election to fill the vacancy caused by the election of then-U.S. RepresentativeRon Wyden to the U.S. Senate. He received 69% of the vote, defeating Republican Mark Brunelle.  He was elected to a full term that November, and has been re-elected eight more times by wide margins in what has long been the most Democratic district in Oregon. He was most recently reelected in 2012, winning almost 78% of the vote over Republican Ronald Green, who won 16%

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