15 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Cannabis Cup


Cannabis News: Here is a list of essential tips you should know before you head out to the Cannabis Cup


1.  First and foremost, the Stoned Girls squad will be there! Come take a photo with us, and get a free Stoned Girls R Hot t-shirt!

jeana cc 1


2.  BYOC. Companies are not allowed to hand out free samples this year, so come prepared!



3.  The dudes of Broken Lizard will be blessing us with their presence.



4.  It’s going to be a bit nippley out, so bring a jacket!



5.  And please wear comfortable shoes.

cc5 real


6.  Over 700 vendors are expected at there! That’s a lot of bad ass mother fuckers.



7.  Oh and the vendor list is up. Check it out before you go. Find companies you are interested in.

cc both


8.  Be happy. 



9.  There’s a Denver Cannabis Cup 2015 app. You need it. It’s incredible.



10.  You can connect with Stoned Girls via the event app.

sgrh nicka


11.  The cannabis industry is booming. Sit in on one of the scheduled seminars.



12.  You have two opportunities to see hear Danny Danko speak. This dude may be going to Mars to cultivate weed. Um, that’s epic.



13.  Do not miss your chance to see SOJA, Nas and J Boog at the fucking Red Rocks amphitheater, one of the most magical places in the U.S.



14.  And, duh, you already know Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky will be gettin’ shit going on 4/20!



15.  Don’t forget to bring a towel!



Bonus:  This guy will be there!

josh joseph

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