We Want To Meet You At Cannabis Cup

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Cannabis News:

The Denver Cannabis Cup is all the rave right now, especially since we will be there, lighting up the event with our beautiful stoned smiles. That’s right, friends! Some of the Stoned Girls squad will be rompin’ through the Cannabis Cup in Denver this Saturday through Monday.

We can’t even begin to explain how fucking excited we are to come together with so many wonderful people from the cannabis community. It’s no secret we love weed, and we can’t wait to share our love of weed with so many others that feel the exact same way!

That being said, if you spot us (and we are sure you will), you better come say high! Introduce yourself, get your picture taken with one of our smoking hot models, or get an exclusive interview with us! If you’re also a sexy girl who loves smoking the ganja, then we especially want to meet you!

And, since we are such huge supporters of cannabis businesses, we want to hear about (and see) all of your bad ass products! Whether you have your own line of stoner apparel or you own a glass shop, we are interested in your venture, and we thank you for contributing to the extraordinary growth of the cannabis culture.

We will be live tweeting from the Cannabis Cup, so if you are dying to meet us, but don’t know where to find us, follow us on Twitter for real-time updates from the event! And, if you aren’t going but would like to live vicariously through us, then you too should follow us!

Now, there’s just one more thing left to ask — Who’s ready to get weird and celebrate weed?! We fucking are!

Workaholics Let's Get Weird

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