Celebrity Mugshots

Cannabis News: Celebrity Mugshots

Weed is still mostly illegal in the United States, and while the legalization campaign is making huge strides, growing, possessing, and selling marijuana will still land you in jail.  Here are a few celebrities that have been busted for the green goodness.  We here at Stoned Girls dream of a day where we never have to see these mug shots ever again.



2 Chainz

2 Chainz has had his fair share of beefs with the law, and we were not surprised to see him on this list.  The rapper is saying that he believes the cops were “just fuckin’ with him,” and that he did not actually have any weed on him.  Mr. Chainz even reports that the police actually asked to take a picture with him while he was in custody.  If weed were just legal, the rapper and his entourage would have never had to get into this battle with the Maryland police.




The rapper who famously said, “You wanna fight me?  Fight these tears!” has spent some time in the big house thanks to Mary Jane.  Something tells me he may have been fighting back a few tears.



Heidi Fleiss

Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss went to jail for her main bitch Mary Jane as well.  I don’t think I’m alone here when I say this is not her best look.  It’s good to know that even as you’re being booked, you can get a case of the giggles.



Matthew McConaughey

Before Mr. McConaughey was a husband and father, he liked to smoke some herb.  If you’ve ever seen any of his movies, it is no surprise that Mr. no-shirt-free-spirit-on-the-beach-hippie got down with weed.  I am more concerned about how in his mugshot he looks like he would have no problem killing hookers and eating their bodies in a homemade stew a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre.



Aaron Carter

I’m sorry, who?



Lil Wayne

To literally no one’s surprise, the self proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive,” has been popped for marijuana possession.  Reportedly, cops found a gallon bag full of weed in his hotel room.

There are plenty more celebrities who have been arrested for marijuana use because it has yet to be legalized.  One day celebrities and us normal people won’t have to worry about the long arm of the law stealing our joints out of our mouths, but until then I will continue to post these mug shots to remind everyone that until we finally get to legalize weed, no one is above the law.

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