Stoned Girls Offer Charlo Greene $25,000 To Get Naked


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So, everyone knows who Charlo Greene is. For those of you living under a rock with Patrick, she is the new internet sensation known for infamously quitting her news anchor job live on the air in order to put all of her time and efforts toward running her cannabis club. In fact, it was probably the best way to quit a job other than the scene in Half Baked where Scarface quits his shitty fast food job.

Everybody in America has day dreamed of doing this exact same thing and we are all living vicariously through Ms. Greene. Don’t even deny it, we sit at our desks all day and think, “If I ram my car into an abutment on my way back from lunch, I probably won’t die but I will get out of work for a few weeks.” That’s why when America saw Charlo Greene not only quit her job, but do it for weed, we were enthralled. Except for me. My job is amazing.

Speaking of my job, is the leading source for all things women and weed. We have corned the market for sexy ladies who smoke bud. Our models are the hottest naked women on the planet and our photographers are the best in the business. We also offer humorous and up to date entertainment and news articles (written by yours truly).

That’s why when we saw the new internet sensation Charlo Greene quit her job in order to dedicate herself to marijuana legalization, we knew we had to see her naked. We do weekly photo and video shoots here at the Stoned Girls office, and we would love to have Charlo be a part of one.

Listen to this

We have something to say to the hottest stoned girl on the internet right now, Charlo Greene. We are offering you $25,000 to come to the Stoned Girls studio and do a shoot with us.

You read that right, we will give Charlo Greene $25,000 to spend an afternoon with us and be featured on our site. That includes coming to our studio, get naked, smoke some weed and take some pictures with us. Our environment is fun and professional. We are a site featuring women who love to smoke weed run by women who love to smoke weed, so Ms. Greene will be in good company.

Quite frankly, we love what she did, and she embodies Stoned Girls to a tee. She is a super-hot woman who loves to smoke weed. We are a match made in heaven. Right now she is queen of the stoned girls and we would love to partner with her for the cause, and we are willing to pay handsomely.   What do you say, Ms. Greene? Will you be the latest and greatest Stoned Girl?

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