Your Clothes Can Now Get You Stoned


From Birkenstocks to Jamaican-themed hemp sweatshirts to actual couture clothing, there is definitely a market for stoner apparel.  Up until now, however, weed clothing has been missing one very crucial element – weed.

The Future of Stoner Apparel

That’s right, we said “up until now.”  Two companies, actually, are feuding over first rights to a hoodie with a BUILT-IN VAPORIZER.  Both Hood Horkerz and vapRwear have created a sweatshirt with a vaporizer in the drawstrings.  Essentially you puff on one end, with the vaporizer or glass bowl filled with weed on the other end.

VapRwear, the creators of the self-proclaimed “world’s best hoodie,” had this to say about the product:  “?THE ONLY garment to integrate high-quality, custom-designed activewear and discreet functionality. Each vapRwear hoodie is engineered with an inconspicuous hoodlace, concealing the dlo3 e-cig vapesystem to burn your fav medium – e-juice, oil, dry herb, or wax. Shred the gnar, jam with the band, chill with your crew – and rep the latest trend: vapRwear.  VapRwear is the brainchild of Elvis “Papi” Edwards, a Caribbean native, former athlete, socialite, model, actor, and entrepreneur.  With recent changes in Colorado legislation, Papi saw an opportunity to blend comfort with discreet functionality – and vapRwear was born.  The vapRwear brand is easily distinguished by Papi’s pelican icon with his signature red mohawk.  The pelican proudly adorns all vapRwear discreet, smokable gear, complete with custom grommets designed to fit the dlo3 e-cig vapesystem.”


Hood Horkerz, on the other hand, has a lot more variety in their color and design choices, but absolutely no information on the company is featured on their site.  They are also a little pricier at roughly $125 a pop.

While we don’t know much about the legality of these hoodies, or who actually created them first, we are in love with the convenience and can’t wait to own them all!

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