Craigslist Ad Hilariously Backfires On Man Selling Wax

Craigslist Wax For Sale

Cannabis News: Craigslist Advertising

Social media and online drug dealers have always fascinated me… I mean really, are these people living in a cave, cut off from reality? How do they not hear the weekly stories of some knucklehead getting caught for openly selling his or her wares online? How high or inept are these people when this flashes across their mind as a good idea and a viable option to make a little extra cash? Unfortunately I have the answers to none of these questions, as I am in wonderment of these folks as much as you are.

Today we have the story of Arizona resident Jeremy James Wallace, 30. Seems Mr. Wallace is currently sitting in an Arizona jail cell for allegedly selling marijuana and cannabis wax to a local police officer via

The officer met Wallace through a series of posts the aspiring drug dealer put up on craigslist.  After some back and forth, the arresting officer set up a deal to purchase $550 worth of cannabis products. Police then arranged to meet Wallace at an East Mesa location.  Therefore, Wallace was soon arrested after driving away from the meeting spot. When police first approached his vehicle, they noted a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the car. Once searched, they discovered several plastic bags containing a “green leafy substance” and a sheet of wax paper containing a highly concentrated form of cannabis called “wax.”  Click here to read the rest of this hilarious story!

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