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Cannabis News:

We don’t have the exact data, but we at Stoned Girls are sure that Colorado has seen a rise in the number of out-of-state college students since the legalization of recreational marijuana use. College and weed have always been pretty much synonymous. At almost every college, you’d have a difficult time finding a student who hasn’t “experimented” at least once. I mean, think of all the students who go to class, after a little inspiration session. And now, thanks to the University of Denver, college just got a little greener.

To be more specific, Colorado (to no one’s surprise) is now honoring their marijuana history by becoming the first start to offer a college class on weed. Well, cannabis law, to be exact. Yup, the University of Denver – which is within walking distance of several pot shops – is calling their newest class “Representing the Marijuana Client.”

What the Class is About

Sam Kamin, the professor who created the course said, “I don’t know of anyone who’s teaching anything like this.”  He went on, “Everywhere I go people ask me questions about it. People want to know about commercial real estate — what are their rights and obligations when renting to someone with a grow? People have employment law questions.”

Apparently, the class filled up pretty quickly.  Most people are aware that the class is to be taken seriously, and Kamin reiterates, “This class isn’t, ‘Hey, this is how to sell a lot of pot.’ Rather it’s, ‘Here are all the issues that could come up if you’re representing industry or government.”

Regarding what will be taught in the classroom, Kamin said, “Topics covered will include regulatory compliance, criminal defense, contract, banking, tax, real estate, and multidisciplinary practice. These speakers will present the students with practical problems and hypotheticals which will generate multiple opportunities for assessment.”

The Future

9The times, they are a changing, and with that change comes a big need for cannabis experts.  The marijuana business is projected to be worth roughly 30 billion dollars by 2020.  Think about that.  In the next four years, current college freshman will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree, around the same time the marijuana industry is projected to kick into high gear.  There will be a distinct need for specialists in the field of law regarding recreational weed, especially in the states that will be legalizing in the next five years, in order to make a smooth transition.  Kamin recognized this need, and his goal is to “position [his] students well to fit in there.”


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