‘Anything Goes’ for Florida Georgia Line’s second LP

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Cannabis News: Florida Georgia Line


Cannabis News: Florida Georgia Line

The country music duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, known as Florida Georgia Line are currently preparing to release their new album titled “Anything Goes” on Oct 14th.

On the new album, the band completely ditch the metaphor and sing openly about smoking marijuana on “Sun Daze,” perhaps setting up a difficult choice for radio program directors.

Then there are the 808 bass drops on a handful of songs that will no doubt drive country purists crazy, but add an interesting counterpoint to the sunshine bright rock guitar tones on the album.

“We took all that good energy and the success that (the fans) have given us and put it into making this next record, and I think it shows,” Kelley told the Associated Press. “There’s a couple sad songs, there’s a couple that make you think, but at the same time it’s a party album.

It’s a feel-good album. Right when you get to the last song you’re going to want to start it all over again. It’s right exactly 100 percent where we are in our lives.”

Catch the band on tour through November this fall!


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