Harry POT-ter High

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Cannabis News: A Harry Sighting

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was spotted outside of a marijuana café recently during a trip to Amsterdam, and he has never looked happier.  He even went out of his way to snap a photo with two of the café’s employees and post it to his Instagram.  Joa Green House, the establishment Daniel Radcliffe visited in Amsterdam, is no secret to the rich and famous.  Celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, and Lil’ Wayne have all visited Joa Green House in the past.

Joa Green House is located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, and celebrities and non-celebrities alike travel from all over the world to try their HIGHLY delicious dishes.  Amongst the most popular items on the menu are the milkshakes and hot chocolate.  The biggest seller, however, is the brownie, so if you are looking to score one of those you best get in line early.  The staff speaks perfect English and are very helpful to those who are from out of town, or just may not be as experienced with weed cafés.

I’ve always thought that Harry Potter was much more enjoyable with weed, so it’s no surprise to me that Daniel Radcliffe feels the same.  Quite frankly, it warms my heart to think of Daniel all grown up and enjoying the good life without going bat shit crazy.  Although there is no proof that Mr. Radcliffe was actually high, I like to think he was.

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