HelloMD Makes Huge Advance In Legal Marijuana Technology


The thought of having legal cannabis delivered to your door seemed like something one could only imagine a short time ago. In some states, though, this dream is now a reality. Not only can you have marijuana delivered to your door without the fear of anyone being arrested, but in the state of California, you can also get a legal marijuana recommendation from a licensed healthcare provider. You can obtain medical marijuana over a video chat on your cell or computer.

Blazing A Path For Success

HelloMD is blazing up the industry by using technology to ease the process of obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation. HelloMD. is available 7 days a week. Yet their hours are dependent upon their demand for service. The process is quite straightforward, and the consultation will take less than 20 minutes. The membership to join HelloMD. is less than $50 a year. This membership provides you with an initial physician consultation, dispensary auto-join, physician follow-ups, a medical marijuana recommendation.  Along with a medical marijuana card, easy annual renewal, great discounts on your medicine and more.

It Couldn’t Be Easier

To get started just log on to their website at www.hellomd.com, register and fill out a medical history form. Once the form is submitted you will receive a notification. Which will let you know what hours a physician is available that day for a consultation. You can then connect with a doctor on your smartphone, laptop or tablet for a consultation. If applicable, you will receive a medical recommendation for marijuana the same day that can be printed out. Then you can use the card immediately. The same day a medical marijuana card and physical recommendation will be mailed to your address. With such a simple process, it is easy to see why they are the “leading digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry.” Check them out today at www.hellomd.com.

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