Rappers Become Potrepreneurs

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Cannabis News: Hip Hop Potrepreneurs

Screw Rap, Lets Be Potrepreneurs!

Cannabis News:

According to the research group Arcview, the medical weed market will be worth $2.5 billion nationally by the end of the year and is breeding a whole new group of Potrepreneurs. It’s no wonder why med-weed company, Caviar Gold is hoping to hit viral video gold by partnering with Hip Hop stars.

In Redman’s latest video (feat Dr Zodiak, Kurupt, and Bingx), Caviar Gold ads and product placement runs throughout. An Obama impersonator declares that weed is much better for you than drinking alcohol at a press conference and of course there’s plenty of hot ladies. Check it out below… as the weed market grows and the music biz falls, we suspect we’ll be seeing much more of this.

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